Transit Clothing Company

A New Web Experience for a Mental Health Awareness Brand

The Client

Transit is a mental health awareness company that produces clothing and content within the realm of extreme sports. They work within a divisive niche, but have a dedicated audience. Although they had grown quickly, their website had never been updated since the launch of the company.

The Problem

Transit brought me on board to help them figure out why their website visitors weren't converting at the level they expected. With Transit's niche, it became clear to me that while their marketing and community building were strong, their website made purchasing so difficult that many users gave up.

The Solution

I redesigned Transit's site from the ground up, including rewriting their copy to speak directly to their niche. Working with the owner of Transit, I helped teach him how subtle design changes and useability best practices can not only improve their site, but de-risk their entire business model. After our initial site redesign, I also supplied imagery and a content plan to help Transit stay on-brand into perpetuity. After we launched these changes, Transit's conversion rate increased by 4%. So, to recap, I: 1. Provided an in-depth site breakdown with tips on how to improve conversions with quick changes. 2. Redesigned the site and rewrote all of the copy. 3. Made Transit's online presence match its aesthetic in a way that their users expected.

In the words of Transit's owner, Kirill Braynin;

"Cody helped us pinpoint who our market was and begin to start thinking from their perspective. We've been able to grow the business and serve the people that we care about most, without the usual gross feeling of marketing. Cody showed us how to find our visual voice."

The Result

After implementing these changes, conversions jumped up and users openly commented about the improved look and feel of the website.

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