Spoke Creative Studio

Web Design Meets The Natural World


The Client

Spoke Creative is a boutique graphic design and illustration agency. They work mainly with clients in the high-end wellness sector, as well as with organic food brands, social-action startups, and the occasional tech startup.

The Problem

Spoke has a very particular style of work that they have developed a devoted following for; using hand-drawn illustrations and more subtle tones, the majority of their work has a heavily organic feel to it. This look has proven difficult to translate to the web, where grids and blocks are the name of the game.

The Solution

In collaboration with the owner of Spoke, Annelise Atlas, I designed and then developed their new site using Webflow. While still being responsive, the site breaks away from the usual grid trends and leads the user with what feels like the flow of an artist's journal. The challenge was to do this in a way that did not confuse the user, but still sticking to some traditional heuristic trends, like the simple nav.

In the words of Spoke's owner, Annelise Atlas;

"Cody brought our dream site to life. Working with a designer who was able to develop exactly what we built was a very special feeling. I trust Cody not only as a developer, but as a designer himself. His work has helped us land the clients that we have always wanted."

The Result

The site was a resounding hit with clients, who were surprised by the layout; many commented that it felt like nothing they had seen before, but in a refreshing way where it was still easy to navigate. Spoke has since won two additional clients through the site's built in client lead form.

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