Capella Headphones

New Headphones On The Block

The Client

Capella is a small team of dedicated podcasters who believe the market for headsets has been overrun by companies that don't actually understand what real podcasters want.

The Problem

Capella came to me to build their very first microsite. We knew that they had a craft-based approach; each set of Capella headsets are made by the owners themselves. The problem was how to portray that to the client, as quickly as possible.

The Solution

I helped the team write the opening copy that announces Capella's mission right away. After that, we used a simple site overlaid with the real original sketches for the headsets, to help remind users that Capella was built with a dedication to workmanship.

Image of website for headphone company.

The Result

After launch, Capella became an instant hit with its small but devoted following of podcasters.

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