AIMM Contracting Software

A new website for an SaaS company

The Client

AIMM hired me to redesign their SaaS website. After running a series of surveys with current users of the software, as well as reviewing past interviews done with contractor's from AIMM's social circle, we discovered that the design of the website was not clear enough in its messaging. Most of the users had no idea what AIMM did or how it would benefit them.

The Problem

AIMM consists of a simple software that helps contractors track their expenses, equate the value of each team member, and plan for future jobs. Although the software was simple to use, the ideas behind it were incredibly difficult to pare down. The website was bloated with copy and outdated illustrations that left users puzzled.

The Solution

After running user research and examining the competition, it was clear that the only way to clarify AIMM's messaging was by thoroughly rewriting their copy and redesigning their site to make the system easy for anyone to understand.

In the words of AIMM’s CEO:

“Cody was wonderful to work with. He found quick changes within an hour of looking at our site. He suggested these changes, implemented them, and helped us grow our business. All the while being super communicative and easy to deal with. Can’t ask for more than that.”

The Result

After rewriting their copy and designing their new website, I made sure to implement a handful of additional best-practices to improve on some of the past errors that I had found during my initial site breakdown. After we launched these changes, AIMM's conversion rate went up by 7.51%.

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