Cody Lampman UX Designer and Consultant

Human design,
human experiences.

As a web designer and UX consultant, I understand that the
perfect website should look good and work even better.
In short, I use research to build websites that intrigue.

Value-Based UX Design

I use a process of research, insight, data-collection and
honest creativity to design distinct web experiences
custom-tailored to what your client’s really want.

I believe your business deserves more than a pre-fab
website that anyone could put together. I believe in
websites that do what websites should; work full-time
to provide trackable returns to their owners.

I focus entirely on creating more value than I capture.
I view my client work as an investment, not an expense.
My clients agree.

The Process


I am a strong believer in the idea that a solid business is built on solid relationships. I want to know as much
about your company and you before we begin work on your website. Great work comes from human connection.

→We’ll get to know each other over a few emails, a chat, or when possible, an in-person meeting.


I’ll use research to create a prototype website that targets your ideal user and what they connect with. Already have a site? We'll start with a thorough breakdown of issues ripe for improvement. Many clients see an improvement from this stage alone.

→ I’ll optimize your websites UX through studying your market and your ideal client.

→ The topics I’ll address include: usability, visual design, copywriting, SEO and information architecture.


It’s time to bring that prototype to life in the form of a website that your clients will be captivated by. We'll implement the designs we've made and track their effectiveness using analytics and the scientific method.

→ I’ll develop your site using the best management software for your particular needs.

→I always stick around after launch to help with any any questions about the next steps in the optimization process.

This sounds great! I’m ready for design that
moves the needle!

Let’s talk about your project.


I’m not so sure. In fact, all this jargon is confusing and
I don’t know where to begin.

I’d love to help you find the right solutions or even ask the right questions.

Reach out, no strings attached.


Clients. Curated.

I take on a limited number of projects at one time. This quality control means I can give each one exactly what it needs - focus and time.

Reliable. Always.

I believe in thorough status reports and unselfconscious project discussions. I expect the same from my clients. In other words, working relationships as they should be.

Inspired by Zen.

Pure function is beauty. This is my mantra, method and personal code. Clean design, astute interfaces and professional execution. Simplicity.

Creative Collaboration.

Solutions require approaching from a fresh standpoint. As a designer or consultant, I can spearhead, support or polish your website or product at any stage it needs it.


Web Design

I’ll unite your business and audience through conversion-based design. I’ll research, design, prototype, and build your website from scratch on the management system that best fits your needs.

Design Audits

Have a website that isn’t performing as well as you’d hoped? I will use the latest tools to thoroughly analyze your website to find where improvements need to be made - and implement them myself.


I advise businesses of all sizes to pinpoint where, and how, they can improve their online presence by thinking about customer behavior, responding to their needs, and patching revenue leaks.

Case Studies

UI / UX Design Project for wedding videographer
UX Designer and consultant portfolio project.
Corporate UX Design

Clients Talking

"We saw an increase in business within days of launching our new website. Cody has talent, an eye for detail, and an emotional investment that makes him feel more like a partner than a consultant. Cody's work will make an impact on your business that won’t soon be forgotten.”

-Guillermo Lain,
Owner of Timeless Hostel

Ready for design that works for you?

You know about me, now let's talk about you.